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My first photo is courtesy of The Modhemian. I had never heard of The Modhemian before but instantly fell in love with Kaitrin’s blog. It is basically everything I love in one place, organic materials, neutral texture and clean lines. This photo perfectly sums up what you will find more of on her site.

Photo Via The Modhemian

I have really been gravitating more towards warmer tones lately and these kitchen cabinets are exactly the right shade to pair with gorgeous dark countertops. The thing that caught my eye though was the shelving in front of the windows. I love unexpected touches in design and when you are working with a space, sometimes you have to get extra creative.

Photo Via @katrinamhernandez of @hernandezgreene

I’m working on a traditional beach cottage project right now and the inspiration is all sorts of classic elements, bright whites and beadboard. I came across this photo on Pinterest and I just love all of the traditional elements featured in this space. From the black and white floor, to the apron front sink and beautiful moldings to the perfectly styled accessories this is the perfect cottage look.

This one is pretty straightforward, that marble tub is amazing. Talk about an eye catching, showstopper for your master bathroom. The eye gets so caught up with the tub initially that you almost don’t even notice the gorgeous moldings, beautiful herringbone floors and incredibly beautiful windows.

Photo Via About Decoration Blog (Original Source Unknown)

I’m a traditional girl at heart and this room stopped me right in my tracks. I love the causal lived in feel that this photo evokes. It looks like a place you would want to spend a Saturday. Every piece in the room looks like it has a story behind it and was carefully curated from a series of vintage markets, my favorite kind of space.

Photo Via Pinterest (Original Source Unknown)

I could do an entire post on this bathroom alone. The amount of thought and detail that has gone into every corner of this space is incredible. The dark tones juxtapose so perfectly with all of the gorgeous marble and the brass fixtures give it an even more timeless feeling. I highly recommend you check out the rest of this space.

Photo of Jenna Lyons’s Soho Loft via Katie Considers

Living near the beach I love indoor/outdoor living and this outdoor shower is beautiful, simple and functional. Wherever this is, I would love to visit.


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