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Today I am so excited to share an amazing space I discovered in Architectural Digest. Patrick Perrin, an antique dealer from Paris, created this unique compound for his family in Portugal. He assembled a team including designers Daniel Suduca and Thierry Mérillou of Galerie Saint Jacques in Toulouse to help bring his vision to life.

I don’t know if I can recall ever seeing so much wicker, rattan and jute in one space before but somehow it all works so well. I love how neutral everything is and the focus is more on different types of texture. The family made the house their own by displaying some of their collections including crabs and lobsters in the kitchen, straw animal heads in the library and vintage reed framed mirrors throughout. The home has a mix of built ins and locally source furnishings that the article refers to as a relaxed midcentury seaside vibe.

These images caught my eye because the style detours from the typical “tropical” design we are used to seeing in many vacation homes. This look has a distinctly organic yet global look that is truly unique.

Read more about this amazing compound in Architectural Digest.


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