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Phase One

The first step in our process is to conduct an initial design study to determine the scope of work and discuss your design style preferences. We will set up a time to meet at the jobsite to see the property and determine which design package is the best fit for your individual project. We offer three local design packages: Full Service Interior Design, Consulting and Styling. You can read more about what is included in each package on the services page of our website. After the design consultation is complete, we will put together a custom design proposal which will provide a breakdown of the design fees projected for your project.

Phase Two

After the letter of agreement is signed and the initial retainer has been collected, we begin the process of preparing the design concepts. During this phase the designer will present three design concepts for each space which may include drawings, layouts, schematic plans, materials and furnishings depending on the nature of the project. Before proceeding, the client and designer will be collectively aligned on an approved design concept.

Phase Three

Once the client has selected and approved the design plan that they would like to move forward with, the designer will prepare a detailed budget for the project which will include proposals for the procurement of products as well as bids from subcontractors as needed. Clients will enter into contracts with subcontractors directly and the designer will supply all materials. To ensure all projects are executed as intended, we purchase all product and materials on your behalf through our trusted vendor partners.

Phase Four

The next phase of the project is the construction and procurement phase. All construction materials are ordered and delivered to the job site and the subcontractors will begin their scope of work. The designer will visit the job site to oversee the execution of the design intent and coordinate with the contractor. At this time, all furnishings will be ordered.   

The final phase of the project is the installation phase. All of the construction will be completed and all furnishings, artwork and accessories will be received and inspected. All furniture will be delivered and stored at our warehouse for a fee until everything is delivered and ready for install day. An installation day (or multiple days depending on the scope) will be scheduled for the team to transform the space all at once. The product will be delivered to the job site, staged in the home and styled.

Phase Five

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