Fall Styling Tips

Fall is my absolute favorite season and I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.  When I think of Fall some of my favorite things come to mind; time with family, cooler temperatures, comfort food, and pumpkin scented candles!  (I could go on and on!)  As with everything in my life, it always comes back to design.  The Fall is a perfect opportunity to cozy up your your home and having fun with decorating!  Here are some of my favorite Fall styling tips…

Tip #1: Keep It Consistent

I love homes that have a cohesive feel to them.  All of my projects generally have a consistent color concept and style that flow throughout the home.  When it comes time to decorate for fall, a lot of the traditional fall colors may not compliment your existing color palette.  If you are anything like me, you may not want to introduce these conflicting colors but you do want to be festive and get in the fall spirit.  My advice for you is to keep it neutral.  This is where I love to bring in softer colored pumpkins that will perfectly accent homes that have lots of white, grey, blues and greens.  My favorite pumpkins are white (check out the ghost and casper varieties) and blue/gray (check out blue lakota and blue max varieties).  These softer tones will compliment your color palette without overwhelming the space.

Blue Lakota Pumpkin | Source: Keeping It Cozy

Blue Lakota Pumpkins | Source: Savor SA

Tip #2: Think Outside The Box

 Another way to incorporate Fall into your existing decor is to think outside the box with your styling.  I love to incorporate an existing item I already have and make it festive by adding a new element to it.  For example, I may fill an existing cloche with glass ornaments or fill a vintage toolbox with small pumpkins.  Don’t feel you are limited to what you see in stores, take what you have and make your space uniquely yours!

White Pumpkins in a Vintage Box | Source: Unknown / Pinterest

Pumpkins in a Vintage Dough Bowl | Source: 12th and White

Pumpkins in a Vintage Dough Bowl | Source: Unknown / Pinterest

Tip #3: Add Texture and Layers

 Being an East Coast girl, the Southern California winters are definitely milder than back home,   but when the temperatures start to drop one of my favorite ways to make my home feel ready for Fall is to add texture and layers.  This is the time to bring out the chunky woven blankets reminiscent of your favorite sweater, mix in some heavier pillows with faux fur or plaid fabric or even layer in a cozy rug!  This will add a warmth and coziness to your home that will last all winter long.

Chunky Knit and Woven Blankets | Source: Doris Leslie Blau

A Cozy Reading Nook | Source: Mind Body Green

Source: Stephanie Jovski via The Imperfectionist Blog

Tip #4: Use All of Your Senses

It’s not just important to me how my home looks and feels, I also want it to smell amazing!  I always associate Fall with home cooked meals and warmer, spicier scents.  My final tip is to complete your Fall home transformation by adding in a complimentary scent.  I’m a huge fan of candles but I’m also planning to try out this stovetop simmer from Country Living this year too!

Stovetop Simmer | Source: Country Living

Fall Scented Candles | Source: Unknown/ Pinterest

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Fall styling tips.  Share your favorite Fall styling advice in the comments below!


- Amanda

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