Get Inspired: Unique Dining Spaces

Lately I feel myself inspired and energized by spaces that are unique and eclectic.  I’ve gathered some of my favorite examples of dining spaces that for one reason or another stand out from the crowd, check them out below…

This first space is so eclectic it reminds me of a little hole in the wall cafe you would stumble upon while exploring a new place.  The homeowners have done an amazing job infusing their own collections and design eye to create a one of a kind room.

The home of Lynn and Geoff Clay via The Design Files

This next space feels like something you would find in a boutique hotel.  The boho natural elements feel collected but still cohesive, I would love to sit in this space for hours.

via Manyara Home 

This next space by Leanne Ford Interiors is unique in its total simplicity.  There isn’t a lot going on in the space but it still manages to make an impact.  It has a collected organic feeling that I can’t get enough of.

Design By Leanne Ford Interiors

This next dining space is the definition of global eclectic.  It feels as though the items have been thoughtfully collected and incorporated into the space over time resulting in a warm and inviting place to gather.

via Dari Design

This indoor outdoor area has a very organic feeling to it that reminds me of being on vacation.  I picture this type of setup in a boutique hotel in the Caribbean.  How wonderful to have that feeling every day in your home.

Source Unknown

This space feels unique to me because it seamlessly blends different styles together to create a beautifully eclectic dining room.  I love the way the clean lines of the table contrast with the vintage feel of the curved wicker chairs, the larger pieces are all neutral but the pops of color brought in by the rug, artwork and tablescape make the room feel colorful and vibrant.

Caitlin Moran’s Home via Lonny

This is one of my all time favorite dining rooms.  The light, airy and organic feel of this space seems so simple yet is very rarely achieved.  The unique approach to less is more here makes this space stand out from the rest.

Source Unknown

I love how fun this space from Anthropologie is.  The vintage feel of the mirror mixed with the contemporary graphic pattern on the chairs feels like two different worlds but is somehow brought together with ease.  This image is a perfect example of doing eclectic design the right way.

via Anthropologie 

This last space is casual yet elevated.  The mismatched chairs give a laid back feel but the room still manages to look purposeful and well designed.  I can imagine entertaining all of my family and friends in here.

Source Unknown

I hope you loved this post and found some inspiration for your own dining space!



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