Design Process: Vibe Boards

I recently promised to share more behind the scenes details about how my design process works, so here goes

The number one thing that I do at the start of every project is put together a vibe board.  This helps me to define a vision for the space and work out a color palette.  The vibe board directs my vision throughout the project to keep the look on track and cohesive.  The vibe boards are a mix of interior images as well as detail shots of accessories, textures and colors.  All of these things are essential to a well rounded design.  My designs are influenced by so many different things.  It may be a location I recently traveled to, a vintage textile I saw or an amazing piece of furniture.  The most important thing is to take that initial inspiration and build off of it to create a look.

The vibe board above is an example from one of my favorite projects.  Although the overall tone is more neutral, the color palette is inspired by the project location at the beach.  I layered in small accents of blue green and teal as a reflection of the water, then brought in lots of natural textures to create an indoor/outdoor feeling.  I love bringing the project surroundings into the design and incorporating unexpected elements.

 I plan to share more of my project vibe boards with you in the future.  Remember to always stay inspired.



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