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We are excited to launch a new category on the blog for project reveals. These posts will take a look back at some of our favorite projects highlighting where we started (the “before”), where we ended (the big reveal) and how we got there (the construction and design process). So many of you have requested to see a behind the scenes look at how it all comes together and we are excited to share this process!

First up, our remodel in Newport Beach. The clients had recently had a leak in their kitchen that needed to be addressed, so it was the perfect time to also address the lack of function in their kitchen. They needed to update not just the aesthetic, but the overall layout and cabinetry details to make this space work better for their family. At the same time, they decided to address the upstairs bar, flooring and the staircase.

The first step was to put together a whole new design concept. This involved a new layout for the kitchen, detailed cabinetry drawings, and material selections.

One of the key goals in this design was to maintain the charm of this historic property. The clients love all of the traditional details in this home and it was essential that this update seamlessly integrated into the rest of the space.

Aesthetically we wanted a light and bright beachy feel. We accomplished this through clean white cabinetry accented with a soft blue backsplash. The traditional details of the home are continued through the beaded cabinet door frames, decorative toe kicks, and leaded glass window.

Now the fun part, demo and construction!

The result is a functional, beautiful space for the whole family to gather. The look of this kitchen tied seamless in to the historic charm of the home. This project was such a pleasure to work on!


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